Modern products for insulation of woodwork in a building: AlphaFacade EPDM damp proofing tape is designed to insulate joints between window or door frames and walls. In the full-surface self-adhesive version, AlphaFacade forms a durable moisture and waterproofing insulation under facade panel joints on ventilated or traditional building facades.

Specific parameters of AlphaFacade:

  • Tape width: from 60mm to 1000mm,
  • Membrane thickness: 0.60mm, 0.75mm or 1.1mm,
  • Application options:
    • AlphaFacade vapour permeable for use on the exterior of the building
    • AlphaFacade with 1 or 2 30 mm butyl tapes, in the following version:
      • standard, that is 2 stripes on the same side of the tape, on 2 edges:
      • “mirror image”:
    • AlphaFacade full-surface self-adhesive with 0.13 mm acrylic adhesive
AlphaFacade’s characteristic parameters:

  • Reliable adhesive for EPDM in 600ml tubes,
  • Reliable primer for porous and dusty surfaces versions with butyl and acrylic ribbons,
  • EPDM inner and outer corners.


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