AlphaWave is a high-quality self-adhesive EPDM rubber flashing tape reinforced with aluminium mesh for better profiling and shaping on roof tiles. It is used to seal roof joints in places difficult to waterproof.

Specific parameters of AlphaWave:

  • Self-adhesive, fully coated with butyl adhesive, with the film split in the middle,
  • Soft, easier to lay out than traditional aluminium tapes,
  • Very resistant to UV radiation.

AlphaWave is avaliable in the following sizes:

    • 250mm x 5mb
    • 300mm x 5mb
    • 450mm x 5mb
    • 600mm x 5mb

and in colors:

    • black,
    • Brick red,
    • brown,
    • light gray,
    • graphite.

Product is avaliable in 2 versions


AlphaWave Basic, corrugated self-adhesive for a better elasticity


AlphaWave Flat, self-adhesive flat

Instructional video