Self-adhesive EPDM insulating tape for applications where extreme mechanical strength is required. AlphaThorix is reinforced with fiberglass mesh, which gives it high tear strength. At the same time, AlphaThorix is soft and easy to lay out. Ideal waterproofing for terraces and balconies, but also for doorsteps and lintels and under windowsills. In other words – wherever effective protection of building structures against water is required. In a word, wherever effective protection of building structures from water is needed.

Specific parameters of AlphaThorix:

  • Very good resistance to UV radiation and ozone.

Extra accessories to the AlphaThorix:

  • Adhesive primer
  • EPDM inner and outer corners.

AlphaThorix is avaliable in the following sizes:

    • 150mm x 10m
    • 200mm x 10m
    • 250mm x 10m
    • 300mm x 10m
    • 450mm x 10m
    • 600mm x 10mb

and in colors:

    • black