Innovative foundation waterproofing insulation for underground parts of the building. AlphaProPlus is particularly suitable for waterproofing under large developments. Protects concrete from water penetration into the concrete. The surface finish of the AlphaProPlus membrane with a special coating facilitates the permanent bonding of the membrane to the concrete. Joining of belts is possible by means of system adhesive tapes or simple hot air welding.

Specific parameters of AlphaProPlus:

  • membrane sizes: 1.50m x 25m
  • membrane thickness: 1.4mm
  • color: graphite

Additional accessories for the AlphaProPlus system:

  • APP 150 adhesive tape for joining belts,
  • APP H40 adhesive tape for gable joints,
  • H7 cord for sealing joints,
  • EPDM inner and outer corners.


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