Installation of AlphaThor EPDM waterproofing roof membrane

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Lublin PSD branch 4.03
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Innovative waterproofing for flat roofs, terraces and balconies. Combines the robustness and durability of EPDM with the convenient installation on the roof. n addition, AlphaThor roofing membrane is reinforced with fibreglass mesh, which gives it high tear strength. Joining of belts is possible by simple hot air welding on the roof.
AlphaThor can also be full-surface bonded to any substrate on almost any flat roof.

Specific parameters of AlphaThor:

  • Very good resistance to UV radiation and ozone

Extra accessories to the AlphaThor:

  • Adhesive primer
  • System adhesives
  • EPDM non-reinforced membrane for finishing
  • EPDM internal and external corners

AlphaThor is avaliable in the following sizes:

    • Membrane size: 1,01m x 20m
    • Membrane thickness: 1,3mm i 2,0mm

and in colors:

    • graphite RAL 7024

AlphaThor self-adhesive is available in sizes:

    • Diaphragm size: 1.01m x 10m
    • Membrane thickness: 2.3mm

and in colors:

    • graphite RAL 7024

Instructional video

AlphaThor also comes in a self-adhesive version